November 14, 2007

Our Polluting Economy

I have been known to complain about the media's hypocritical treatment of the economy of China. Several times a week, the negative effects of economic growth in East Asia hit the news stands while economic growth in the US is described as one of the greatest of common goods achievable by the human race. So, today, I finally heard a news story that mentioned how the steep decline in Michigan's industrial sector over the last ten years might be positive for the environment vis a vis a lower rate of carbon emissions.

In the comments, V points to a excellent article in Mother Jones about the hypocrisy of focusing attention on the lack of regulation in Chinese manufacturing while overlooking the lack of US oversight. Here's a quote:
Most of the stories have focused on the lack of manufacturer oversight in China. But the root of the problem is closer to home: The CPSC, created to prevent hazardous products from winding up in American homes, has been gutted by decades of manufacturer lobbying and White House interference—and the Bush administration has finally paralyzed it to the point that it can barely function.

But don't worry; Bush isn't the only one to get some blame. Reagan's in there too and Clinton doesn't end up looking that great either.


Unknown said...

Mother Jones magazine also has an article this month pointing out that the uproar about the danger of Chinese-manufactured products is ridiculous given that in fact *all* manufactured products (made in the USA or not) have become more dangerous due to massive deregulation of the industry by the Bush Administration. They focus a lot on children's toys and the stories are scary. All I can say is don't ever stick your hand in an Easy-Bake Oven because it might get stuck and then they'll have to amputate your finger. Merry Christmas kid!!

the unbeatable kid said...

regulation? no way! the free market will solve all of these problems. in fact, it already has. we live in a glorious paradise of safe food, safe toys and convenient air travel...

That article can be found online here.

thanks v.