February 22, 2007

Asian Invasion

Looks like Asia is up to her old tricks. This time global warming and ozone depletion. A Times article today states: As Asia Keeps Cool, Scientist Fear Warming. The paradox alluded to in the headline is that India and southern China are now buying more air conditioners than ever and many of them are not up to current ozone protecting standards of other countries.

I'm not saying that this isn't a problem but I don't think that the US media should be so quick to point the finger while their own government relaxes controls on pollutants and refuses to control carbon emissions. I also don't like the submerged jingoism that surrounds discussion of the economies of India and China these days. What I do like is the chance to use the word jingoism.

It may be hard to remember now but once upon a time the US economy was booming and in those days there wasn't much media talk about how a booming economy was in any way negative for anybody. Yet, today, the econmic success of Asia is generally described as a gathering storm.

In the article, you'll also find this sentence:

"An unusually cold Antarctic winter, rather than the rise in the use of refrigerants, may have caused the sudden expansion [of the ozone hole]..."

Now, we know who's really to blame. I say to the Times next time point the figure at the penguins and bury the Asian connection at the end of the article. But, you're not going to sell papers blaming those lovable tuxedoed birds. Not after all the great PR they got with that family friendly propoganda film that was March of the Penguins.


Anonymous said...

Every dog has his day when it comes to national economies. While I agree that American commentators look hypocritical in stating that an Asian expanision is detrimental to the U.S. (as you point out that the roles were reversed not long ago), SO DO THE CRITICS. The U.S. never has a shortage of critics who claim that the expansion of the US economy is to the determinent of other markets. Will Asian commentators now point the finger at themselves? I won't hold my breath.

theunbeatablekid said...

I'm not talking about the opinions of economists as much as I am the coverage of the media.