June 1, 2007

Good Thing that I don't use Toothpaste

Everyone's suddenly abuzz about poisonous toothpaste. Not just poisonous toothpaste mind you, but poisonous toothpaste MADE IN CHINA! What will those nefarious Chinese think up to unleash on us next? A delicious mousetrap fish? or Landmine cereal maybe?

Personally, I don't think this wave of tainted toiletry is a commie plot. I say the China angle is more "Asia Hysteria" and a red herring (a tasty nonmousetrapped fish by the way).

Why? Because China makes f-ing every consumer product in the US. Saying that the poisonous toothpaste is from China is like saying that the latest acid rain comes from clouds in the sky.

(Yummy in the Tummy via Corbis Photos and that kid looks a lot like my brother diggs did when he was a young boy enjoying mouth watering landmine cereal)

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