August 4, 2009

Black Middle Class

"All of the information that we have shows that middle class blacks live in neighborhoods that on many measures are more disadvantaged the poor whites. So, more disadvantaged than poor whites, not just more disadvantaged than middle class whites... When I say that I mean still living in neighborhoods with higher poverty, with more crime, with less political clout, less well funded schools, less public investment and it's that comparison that is really stark."

(via sociological images)


Diggs said...

A fifty-seven minute posting warrants a DOUBLE THUMBS DOWN followed by a head held high with a pinched nose.

Are you posting this because the Gates story isn't as meaty as once hoped (aside from that crazy cop who "stupidly" sent out the mass email?

Diggs said...

And yes, I had a big fat glass of hator-aid this morning. So suck it Admiral Ak-bar...I still think you were a terrible commander.

Unknown said...

Interesting stuff. So many topics covered. I wish I could take a class from her. I was especially interested by her mentioning studies about variation in skin tone leading to different levels of discrimination and subsequently to health problems like hypertension. Clearly there's a lot of need for more medical anthropology studies to inform genetic research. Because huge and expensive genetic studies could be done that are essentially a waste of time. But would most geneticists even hear about the anthropological literature? I doubt it.