April 28, 2009


The "left" is tingling with excitement at Arlen Spector's recent announcement that he would change his party affiliation from R to D. You all know what that means: we can all look forward to one more Democratic asshole parading around in the senate.

As if we needed any more proof that party affiliation is next to meaningless.


Diggs said...

Can I get you some turkey salad? On a serious note, this move will certainly help the Obama administration advance their adgenda as Specter need not worry about a Republican primary (super majority on some key issues) - i.e. party affiliation not meaningless.

the unbeatable kid said...

i guess that my question for you is this:

will arlen spector (D) vote any differently than arlen spector (R)?

and the follow up:

has joe lieberman (I) looked any different than joe lieberman (D)?

the switch in party affiliations by these men had nothing to do with party ideology and everything to do with reelection. party affiliation is an election strategy not an ideology.

Diggs said...

This switch for the Obama administration allows Specter to vote on health care legislation without the road-block of a Republican primary. Obviously the switch for Specter is for the survival of his own political career. If your a Democrat you just gave up nothing and got health care reform high on the adgenda for this year. Not a bad trade at all.