August 19, 2008

Step Your Game Up

So, seeing as how The Unbeatable Kid is a bit "indisposed" at the moment I have decided it is time to step up to the plate and do my part to rep the Hills from afar.
Check out these photos I took at the "i am 8-Bit" art exhibit in Hollywoood!!! (how come I can't say or type Hollywoood!!! w/o the exclamation marks and a little bit of extra "ooo" too?)

Now I didn't get the names of any of the artist who created these geektastic masterpieces so I can't properly credit them, but who ever they are they put the "Doh!" dope and I bow down to their supreme freshness. Word up, I nearly slipped in a puddle of my own brand of nerd sauce when I saw that Starman painting.
And this was painted on the gallery wall.

Arggh!!! So Dope!!! If you ever get a chance to check this exhibit out, DO IT!!!


the unbeatable kid said...

Hollywood eh?

Starman is so fresh that he doesn't even need eyes.

Recon said...

Starman!! Fucking A right! Remember the NES Wrestling? The green guy who ate people's faces as a move? Proper villainry. I miss that game. Awesome pics.