September 11, 2007

Historic First

When I lived in Phili, I used to walk down to the Greek Diner for lunch, grab myself a booth and read the daily news. Now, ordinarily, I don't find The Daily News to be a riveting read but when you're sitting eating a chicken cheese steak and you just want to catch up on the latest scandal or indictment the paper delivers.

After a couple of weeks of this routine, I stumbled across an article by the op-ed contributor Michelle Malkin. I don't remember exactly what she wrote but I do remember thinking that she was exactly 100% wrong about whatever it was. I took a mental note to read anything else by her. I expected to eventually find her saying something that I agreed with. It got to the point where I sifted through the Daily News each day in eager anticipation of a Malkin column that wasn't diametrically opposed to my thinking.Well, for the 2 years that I read that paper, I never felt a single thing that she wrote was less than completely ridiculous. I finally stopped reading her articles when I found out that she wrote a book defending Japanese internment in WWII and I nearly broke my jaw when it hit the ground.

Which leads me to today... when I announce... that now... thanks to her statements in the clip below... for the first time ever...

I don't completely disagree with Michelle Malkin.

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