June 4, 2007

Labrynth 2: Electric Bogaloo

I just saw Pan's Labyrinth the other day and let me just say that
  1. I was disappointed that David Bowie didn't at least make a brief reprisal in his role as the Goblin King and

  2. Jim Henson has gone in an entirely new direction since he died

But seriously folks, didn't that movie make the Spanish Civil War look like the feel good war of 1944? It was a crowded field that year what with the "Saving Private Ryan Wars", the "War of Iwo Jima" and my personal favorite "Das Boot Battles" all going on at the same time. With that kind of star power to contend with, a lot of Americans except for us lefties forget about the Spanish Civil War. Kind of the same way the US forgot about Franco when we launched our war against Fascism.

And, as far as muppets and puppets go, I realized a few years ago that Jim Henson was so amazing at what he did that an entire medium of expression was weakened when he died. No more "Dark Crystal", "Muppet Movies", "The Muppet Show" or even muppet Yoda.

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