June 2, 2007

The Files are IN the Computer

I got the chance to crack open my iBook today and tinker with it's robot innards. And... the operation was a success! A lot of fun all told.

Now, I have the obligation to pass on a bit of advice to all of you iBook G3 owners out there. If you're having problems with your screen (which you certainly will at some point because of a design flaw), check out this post on Geek Technique. It might save you a few hundred buck since this problem is no longer covered under warranty.


Anonymous said...

congrats on fixing compy- how long will it last? Does this mean that when we had the same problem in Philly we could have fixed it ourselves?

the unbeatable kid said...

We could have fixed it but it was still under warranty so it was smarter to have the pros do it i think.