June 28, 2007

Everybody Loves Cheney

Defective Yeti has come up with a very creative analogy worth checking out. Here's a brief quote from the post.
The xenomorph--antagonist of the Alien film series--has a complex lifecycle. After hatching from an egg, the "facehugger" attaches itself to a host organism and implants an embryo deep within its body. Having done so, it seemingly dies. In reality though, the creature lives on, gestating, advancing toward its next stage. Sometime later the parasite violently emerges from its carrier, then rapidly grows to enormous--and lethal--size, a near-perfect killing machine.

This reminds me of nothing so much as Dick Cheney...

Yes, in 2000, Cheney was appointed as head of the committee to find the most qualified Vice President to serve as Bush's running mate. His extensive search revealed that he himself was the most qualified for the job. Literally, a "Dick Maneuver". A lot of people missed that piece of news when it happened because reporting on it was not widespread.


Diggs said...

Harriot Myers ran the committee responsible for locating a suitable nomination to replace Sandra Day O'connor.

It actually happens all the time in sports and drives me crazy. The general manager of a team often hires himself after a "long and careful search" for a future coach. Case in point Isaiah Thomas.

the unbeatable kid said...

I missed that about Harriot Myers. That attempted appointment did have the feeling of an incredible lack of vetting.

Diggs said...

It's kind of ironic that judicial activists and anti-"constructionalists" were so opposed to that nomination. With her lack of experience perhaps a Stevens or possibly a Ginsburg could have converted Myers toward a more progressive approach. But now with Alito firmly entrenched with Scalia and Thomas look for an extremely narrow reading of the constitution for quite a long period of time.