May 8, 2007

I Live by a Strict Moral Code

Here's the letter I'm putting in the time capsule so that when people invent time machines in the future, they can send this one back to 1965:

Dear George Putnam Outstanding News Reporter,
You don't know from porn. Just wait till you get hit with the internet. Also, do you think it's a good idea for you to narrate in near ecstatic detail a "flood tide" of images to which "prolonged exposure of even the normal male adult to this type of publication, though he may not be aware of its true nature, may nevertheless pervert"?
You are forever in my thoughts,

How outstanding is George Putnam anyway? For one thing, at 92 years old, dude is still on the air. His conservative radio show Talk Back is on KCAA in California.


Chris said...

Shit, god damn... Nice find. "These total exposures are not of nudists, in some instances, but rather of paid professional models!"

the unbeatable kid said...

thanks, chris.

Diggs said...

If you self proclaim yourself as "outstanding" you are one bad-ass dude. Maybe I should but that on my resume.

the unbeatable kid said...

what if you proclaim yourself unbeatable?