May 16, 2007

Severe Storm Warning

Apparently, Bedford Hills was hit with some severe storms and possible tornado today knocking out power in a bunch of areas. Hope you're all ok.

Being in a regular thunderstorm is pretty fun. Being in a sever storm is terrifying. My brother was at home in Bedford Hills when the trees started falling so he hid in the basement.

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Recon said...

My Mom has had power out in CT for over a day! I told her to write a sternly worded letter. She didn't think that was funny. I was caught in a downpour with two dogs and people were running in the Manhattan streets like the Apocalypse. It was Bedlam. I saw a lady of high society almost eat it after colliding with a Falafel monger. It had serious sitcom potential.

And I realized one thing: Dogs are not big fans of gigantic fucking thunderstorms. I think they're smarter than people think.