April 11, 2007


Back to school kidos. The previous post has put me in the mood for some more social science testing. It's a voyage of personal discovery on the majestic catamaran we call the human mind. If you haven't take the RWA test yet, you should take it now before its too late.

Last time, we asked the question - Are you a crowd follower like a sheep or are you a rebellious free thinker like a lost sheep? This time the question is are you a racist pig? Maybe that's a bit over dramatic and barnyard folksy. The real question is do you harbor subconscious prejudices against certain types of people. How will this type of thought be tested? It's ingenious really. Click on the link below, then click on go to demonstration tests, click past the disclaimer. Now there are a list of test types on the left of the screen. Pick one follow the simple directions and get started.

Here are some of my results:
I have a slight automatic preference for straight people over gay
I have a moderate automatic preference for white people over black

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