April 22, 2007

Shut Up and Die

I'm firmly planted in the anti-marketing/anti-advertising market which, as many of you advertising schlocks and Bill Hicks fans know, is a huge market. Advertisers would love to get there greedy little paws on this group. It must be the delicious taste of ironing found in the anti-marketing market that tempts the PR crowd so.

Advertisers see any popular group activity and think to themselves, "What would a commercial parasite do?". It's one thing to wait patiently for someone to ask for information about your product and/or service and it's quite another to stuff it into any and every available space where it fits. The latter seems to be the more ubiquitous trend in the world of ads.

I bring this up because some dude left scattered comments all over my blog the other day which solely linked to some crap clearinghouse ad site. Curse you spam robots!

Anyway, here's another Bill Hicks clip and even though he died before the current manifestation of the Iraq war, he was right on.


Anonymous said...

The famed ecomomist John K. Galbraith calls this the industry of "want creation". Throws a new wrinkle into the classical ideas of supply and demand. Rather than supply meeting demand, it is far more profible/easier to use advertising to generate the demand for the given amount of supply. When coupled to the rise of easy credit in this country, the outcome is pretty much written on the wall.

Check out one of his classic treatises "The Affluent Society" (orig. 1958). He actually coined the phrase "conventional wisdom" in this book. No joke. Very highly recommended read.

the unbeatable kid said...

I really don't understand a word of economic theory but that said. Affluent Society is a darn good book. Galbrith has insightful ideas and a beautiful writing style. One of these days he'll get a post of his own.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I meant to say "if you haven't already read..." Galbraith is incredible. And a pretty funny writer too.

the unbeatable kid said...

s really liked that book. for some reason i'm a little hazy on the detail. now that you reminded me, i'll have to read it again.

Recon said...

By "some dude" do you mean blog seeking spam robot? I hate those dudes.

the unbeatable kid said...

robots are people too, you know. didn't we go over this already i'm having some deja vu?