March 8, 2007

Subway Sketches


First of all, thanks to The Unbeatable Kid for inviting me to join this awesome blog. It's nice to be part of a group internet activity. On my blog I'm used to communicating via Tourette's-like bursts of extremely non-profound, profanity-fueled ramblings, so this experiment in "writing" should prove useful and hopefully entertaining.

It's funny living in a city with 12 million other people who seem to want to be alone.

Riding the subway in NY, I'm always fascinated by the fact that people seem allergic to eye contact. Your average train rider brings on all kinds of things to keep them from looking at (or hearing) other people..Ipods, newspapers, books, PDA's, video games, children, children with video games, dogs, Blackberrys, ice cream cones, sherpas, etc. You name it, people bring it on the train to distract them from human interaction.

I can't lie, I'm not immune. I always get caught on the train staring at someone's vicious lazy eye or a really neat Japanese Koi fish tattoo and get a weird look back, forcing me to jolt my gaze towards the orthodontist ads above their heads or to freeze in place and stare through them like a dead eyed mannequin. Sometimes I pretend like I'm sleeping standing up like a cow.

The weirdest time is in the morning during rush hour. Here I am, my body pressed against total strangers, and social protocol tells me to go against my human instincts and completely ignore their existence. I feel like I should say something nice to them to make them less uncomfortable, like "ma'am, that's a very colorful scarf" or "sir, your cologne smells like capitalist victory". You know, something to break the ice.

Sometimes you just want to know what people think of Manga toilet paper. Sometimes you just want to wake them up with one of these. And sometimes you just want a sip of their coffee.

So when someone goes on the train and does something different with their 15 minutes I'm always thrilled.

Check out Child Of Atom's NYC Subway sketches. They manage to capture the jaded poker face chic of the average Big Apple strap hanger perfectly.


(click pic for gallery)

(via Reddit)


Nicotheconqueror said...

Be the change Man, you know what to say. just do it, speak. You wont regret it.

the unbeatable kid said...

thanks recon. why sleep like a baby when you can sleep like a cow.