March 3, 2007

Just Look Around You

ah, 1988. paula abdul wondered aloud to the world whether or not I truly loved her (I had to let her down easy). The presidential election afforded the democratic candidate to display his skills as a tank commander. And, most importantly, I embarked on that great journey down the well paved road of SCIENCE!

I remember fondly learning the skills that would serve me well in my later years pretending to be a top level researcher. I learned to make little submarines that dive and return to the surface, bend glass tubes with a bunsen burner, sit in the back of the class and try to figure out from whence came those strange feelings about the hairstyles of the girls in the class. Happy and confusing times indeed; but also a great foundation in the sciences.

Most vital of all to my budding education was the 15 minute science video. I was reminded of these excellent videos after reading some of my girlfriend's blog. What a raucous ride those videos were. If you remember those as fondly as I, you should check out the "look around you" series of educational videos. Each takes a subject crucial to science and explores to the maximum depth that a sixth grader can understand.


and these special editions:
computer games
music 2000
synthesizer patel


Recon said...

Thanks so much for these. 15 minutes just happens to be the perfect length of time for 29 year old wee brains as well as 1988 middle schoolers. So I thank you, sir. And Synthesizer Patel is my new mutton chopped hero.

the unbeatable kid said...

i knew that these would be a hit with you if you hadn't seen them yet. particularly ghosts and the music ones.