November 19, 2009

Hang It Up and Hang It Out

Earlier today, I made the hang up gesture and said "click" to emphasize it.

Then, I spent about ten minutes explaining to the 22 year old that I was talking about how I wasn't flashing a gang sign and how, in the old days, we had to literally hang up the phone in order to hang up the phone.

(photo via nypl)


Unknown said...

How could a 22 year old not have seen a phone you had to hang up before? We're not THAT old and unless the kid never saw a phone until around the age of 10, then a hard line that required hanging up in some form would have been the most common type of phone around. You were clearly not talking to the sharpest tool in the shed.

Kid Dammit said...

Yeah man, I'm with Vanessa in thinking it's pretty unlikely that this person had never seen a phone that you have to hang up before. My guess is that they misinterpreted your gesture because you are so hood.

the unbeatable kid said...

i do keep it proverbially real.