June 15, 2009

Another Prediction Winner

First check any sports website to see who won the NBA championship last night. When you're finished, check my December 1, 2008 prediction. Please note the time difference between prediction and reality. Thank you - and GOOD MORNING.


Anonymous said...

Congrats... you are now 1 for 6 with predictions on this blog.


Diggs said...

Maybe I should clarify. There are two types of "You Heard it Here First Folks!". First - "Ridiculous" Predictions (notice the word "ridiculous" in the Mets post). These are just meant as a form of trash talking and I cannot guarantee the truth or veracity of such statements. Second - straight up, heard it here first, PREDICTIONS. And yes these are money in the bank. We are talking swimming in the Scrooge McDuck money bank.