May 18, 2009

Cold Rain

Last night, I dreamed about French snow. I was at some kind of ski lodge or something and a large number of my friends and acquaintances were all mingling outside. Someone I've known for a long time told me that she was getting married and wondered if I could teach her to speak french so that she could impress her husband.

I told her that French is a really easy language to learn. All you need to know is:

1. "devoir" is the verb to indicate that something is nessessary. "je dois" means "I must."
2. "Il pleut" means "it's raining."
3. "Il neige" also means "it's raining" but in this case it's a kind of a strange cold rain.

I'm not sure why I considered those phrases to be the entirety of the French language or why I choose to translate "neige" as "a strange cold rain" instead of the more common "snow."

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