April 17, 2009

Here I Go Again...

I know that I complain about the media way too much. I know. But this takes the cake.

Yesterday, Obama released some documents from the Bush administrations Office of Legal Council. These documents discussed in frank terms the torture of detainees. Then today, CNN convened a panel to speak to such issues raised by these memos as the legality of past acts of the executive branch and the possibility/desirability of prosecutions of said criminality? And, who did they pick for this panel?

Joan Walsh of Salon.com, Jeffery Tuber (CNN's legal analyst), and G. Gorden Liddy.

Yes, G. Gorden Liddy. The same G. Gorden Liddy who was not merely accused of but convicted of conspiracy, burglary and illegal wire tapping in the Watergate scandal. I guess one way of looking at it is that he's an expert on doing illegal things within the executive branch but come on. And surprise surprise, Liddy ends up arguing that what happened wasn't torture and that no one should investigate or prosecute anyone in the government. CNN probably felt that in order to be "objective" that they would need a a panel member who would be willing to argue that what happened wasn't torture and Liddy was the only guy they could find. I'm not even going to link to this bullshit.

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Diggs said...

You usually don't complain about the media providing a diverse range of opinions. I like that they brought him on.