January 27, 2009

My Brother Deserves a Medal

On an earlier post, I dedicated a few words to Captain Awesome himself: Mike Piazza. In that post I talked about how he was a part of my favorite moment at Shea stadium, where he hit a 2-run game winning home run in the first game back in NY after 9/11. I went to that game with 3 friends from the old Fordham U., and we all decided to put current events behind us, paint our faces with American flags and go have a great time watching Mets baseball.

During the game some reporter who claimed to be from the LA Times took our picture, but I never got to see the fruits of our labor (or at least the lady friends recruited to paint our faces). Well now thanks to my awesome brother Keith, I found out that we did make in on TV that night. So without further delay, I present my first and only appearance on a Mets Broadcast. Feel free to skip ahead, but my appearance is only 1:12 into the video, so start to pay attention at 1:11 (it is only 1min so just watch and let the drama build up for that time). Lets Go Mets!

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the unbeatable kid said...

Wow. It's hard from me to underestimate how awesome it feels to see that.