November 6, 2008

The Election's Over

I could hardly wait another day. I feel like I've had a bee trapped in my ears for two years straight. I've had enough unreasoned and ultimately false predictions, catty gossip masquerading as news, blatant double standards and grossly unnecessary technology to last me a long while.

So, here's a little for something for you sons of dogs in the media that milked every last ounce of human dignity out of the process.

(photo by Jesus Arellanes)


Diggs said...

How is this for phony predictions: Obama president in 08 - posted by Diggs in 04.

Kid Dammit said...

You are definitely the one who introduced me to the President Elect.
And you totally called it.
Props to KumDiggidy

Diggs said...

Well when you make 13 predictions a day eventually you have to walk into one of them.