May 6, 2008

Scientific Poll

In light of todays primary contests, I figured we could run a little scientific poll of our own. Especially since all you need is a tiny sample for the media outlets to consider the poll credible.
Pick one of the following two candidates: Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
This option does not include a vote to abstain (unbeatable...), nor does it include a vote for a candidate not listed ( Kucinich). To participate without actually picking one of the two candidates results in me forever labeling you as a jerk. If you plan on commenting without picking one, simply don't comment. But please feel free to choose one of the two options and proceed with whatever comments you deem appropriate. IE, feel free to write, "Obama. Major League is my favorite movie of all time."

As for me, I choose Barack Obama. I will give reasons later (too much studying to do).
If we can pull off a sample of 3, I think one of the cable news shows would find the sample sufficient to report the results and invite 4 political experts to discuss the ramifications.


Anonymous said...

Obama, and I think Jobu needs a refill.



Anonymous said...

Obama, - one Clinton is enough.

the unbeatable kid said...

i live in michigan. do i still get to respond?

ButterPeanut said...

Obama, and I am not American and don't live in the US, and Bill o'Reilley is a mean asshole.

Diggs said...

Unbeatable is a jerk. A jerk I tells ya. Despite me mentioning his name twice I knew he was going to duck the question. Play within the rules jerkface. Pick a candidate and then write "I live in Michigan. Do I still get to respond? Oh and did you know I am a jerk?"

the unbeatable kid said...

keep you pants on, kid. that whole post was practically double dog daring me to dodge the question. no one can resist the double dog dare.

between the two, i prefer obama. no contest.