April 13, 2008

A Party and a UFO

I had a dream recently that I was at a party. It was in a house that I didn't recognize with twenty to thirty people that I've never seen before. People were wrapping presents for some unknown event. Throughout the dream, I mingle. I can tell by the way that I'm mingling that these people are my friends. Maybe, even the house is mine, I don't know. What I found interesting about the dream is that usually the people and places in my dreams correspond to people and places in the real world. When I am in my house in a dream, it may look weird and out of proportion but I know that it corresponds to my house in the real world. This dream felt like I was living a totally separate dream existance with it's own unique geography and population.

On a related note, I was lying in bed half asleep a few months ago (it was the morning after those UFO sightings in Stephenville, Texas) while my girlfriend was on the internet looking for video or images of the UFOs. She finally found a news program that put up some of their coverage. So, S woke me up so that I could watch it with her. I glanced over at the screen.

What I saw was huge shape, like a large flying wing that slid effortlessly across the clear sky. This thing was about a mile long and constantly changing shape like a giant work of origami. It was unmistakably real and foreign to human engineering. I remember thinking excitedly to myself that this will be the video that will finally put the mystery of UFOs to rest. Definitive proof has been found.

Then, I woke up. I had dreamed the whole thing while hearing the audio from my girlfriend's computer. She had tried to wake me up to watch but I had fallen back to sleep before I had the chance.

Let me tell you, watching the actual clip after my dream clip was so incredibly disappointing. It looks like a video of a raver with a glow stick taken by a cheap digital camera that's been dropped down the stairs a few times.

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