March 14, 2008

Music Industry Quote of the Day

There's nothing wrong with music. You understand, that it's not a tough time for music. I got tired of guys who were making a ton of money and had offices the size of my entire apartment telling me that it's a really tough time for music. If you go out in whatever city you're in tonight, and you tell [all the] kids lined up at the club to see their favorite band that this is a really tough time for music, they'll look at you like you're mental. You know, there's nothing wrong with music. The only thing that wrong in the music business is that basically the consumers and the fans caught on to the fact that they've kind of been getting a weird deal at $20 per CD for 3 good songs and some fillers.

-Dan Kennedy on Fresh Air 3/13/08

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Diggs said...

Its sad the money I spent when I was younger on terrible music. RAP warped my fragile little mind