March 20, 2008

Multiple Choice

Question: When Senator John McCain says, "No nation in the world can be attacked incessantly and have it's population killed and intimidated without responding", what is he referring to?

a) the once popular desire to view the Iraq war as a response to 9/11
b) the way in which high profile rapes and murders committed by US service personnel against local citizens in Okinawa have resulted in decades of intense protest against US military bases there
c) the right of Israel to respond to Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza which have resulted in an Israeli civilian's death this year
d) the right of Hamas to respond to Israeli military strikes against Gaza which have killed dozens of civilians this year
e) the intractable nature of the Iraqi insurgency
f) the history of colonialism (Chinese, French, Japanese and Americans) and resistance movements in Vietnam
g) all of the above
e) only the instances in which the United States and Allies are attacked (everyone else can go screw)

You can find the answer here.


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