January 13, 2008

Sweet Prince

Prince Valiant just a achieved the milestone of 3700 Sunday strips. Huzzah! It's one of the few syndicated strips that I read regularly. As far as I'm concerned, Val with one hand tied behind his back can take on Judge Parker, and Rex Morgan MD and still win the right to be called master of the realist narrative comic strip.

I have to admit that in high school I thought that sitting down to enjoy a good Prince Valiant was the squarest activity in which one could engage. Now, I seem to have settled down in a nice condo in squaresville with my blog, my glasses and my pipe that I smoke while reading the Sunday paper.


Anonymous said...

Oh hell no! You do not smoke a pipe and read Prince Valiant in the Sunday paper! I can believe that you read Prince Valiant, but if you are smoking a pipe and that shit doesn't have weed in it I swear to Christ I am flying out to squaresville to egg your home.

the unbeatable kid said...

you're a regular public service announcement, kd.

"hey kids, if you have anything but weed in that pipe i'll find out where you live and egg your house... and that's one to grow on."