January 18, 2008

200th Post

Yes, it's official. Post #200. Let the wide eyed crazy talk continue. And The Bedfordhillsian's 1 year mark is coming up too. This can only mean one thing - it's time for the ultimate cop out, the retrospective. Think of it as the DVD commentary that no one ever asked for but got anyway. Looking back, I must admit that I haven't set out to do anything in particular with this blog (as a quick reading should make evident). I've been using the format as an outlet to practice my writing, record interesting thoughts and facts, and express myself in general. There are a few themes that I seem to be developing that I'd like to share and some links to my favorite posts.

1. Dreams
First off, I've been recording some of my more interesting dreams. I started doing this when I had a particularly crazy dream about Janet Reno.

2. My Glasses
I've tried to keep the personal stuff to a minimum because I don't want my blog to become overrun with stories about my cats. Bad enough that I have so many damn stories about my glasses.

3. History
I love history. The worst thing to ever happen to history is when someone decided to try and teach it but instead developed a subject of intellectual weight best used for crushing the spirit of the young. Whether it's an obscure letter from George Washington to the Continental Congress or the ever popular, the Opium Wars, I spend considerable time digging into the dirty dust bunny corners of history.

4. Science, Politics and the Media
I like to tell people that I don't believe in science but that's only partly true. I've spent many posts exploring issues related to what I don't like to call the philosophy of science. In my mind, I generally lump science, politics and the media together because I usually feel like some kind of old kook when I hear other people talk about these topics. You know the kook I mean. The guy in the movie who thinks outside the box, predicts the imminent disaster, and somehow is the first one to be killed by the rampaging dinosaur/volcano/angry mob. But, I have to call um like I see um.

5. Other Contributors
Some other Bedfordhillsians also post from time to time. My brothers diggs and Premier Keith Kumar and my friend recon have chimed in a few times.

6. Interactive Bits
The caption contests and other attempts at collaboration speak for themselves. Hilarity ensues.

7. Random
Throw in the obligatory Britney rant, a juxtaposition of L Ron Hubbard with Dick Cheney, some futurism, and you've got yourself a blog.

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