December 31, 2007

Where have I been?

Hello, Internet. Good to see you again. The horror of Grad school applications and the joy of Christmas have kept me away for the past month. Now, I'm once again hopping around eagerly like a lanky British pugilist.

The grad school applications went OK. The process seems to be designed to test ones ability to jump through a large number of bureaucratic hoops. I'll spare you the bone-grindingly boring details except to say that the GRE is the biggest scam since that Nigerian secretary of the Treasury died and left millions of dollars to anyone with a bank account.

Also, my GRE scores put me in the 19th percentile in terms of writing and analytical skills. Yes, 19th percentile. I seriously didn't even think that the 19th percentile existed before seeing that score. I thought that scores that low were made up to frighten little nerd children.

Finally, I have all the objective evidence I need to prove that I am an awful writer.


ButterPeanut said...

I agree about the GRE being a gigantic racket. ...A lot of things about grad school are, like the whole not getting paid to do someone else's work and paying tuition for not getting taught part.

Unknown said...

You are not a bad writer! The GRE is a horrible, horrible test designed to demoralize people and drain them of money.

You might have to take it again though. :(

the unbeatable kid said...

thanks, v. i hope hope hope hope that i won't have to take it again since then i'll have to reapply. maybe my writing sample that i submitted will convince them to ignore that particular test score? that's what i'm banking on.