November 7, 2007

Come on People Now

A lot of people these days are wondering why there aren't any anti-war protests but I'm wondering why the anti-war protests aren't being covered. Take last week for example. Thousands of people around the US gathered together to protest the continuing occupation of Iraq. A local activist group that I'm a part of even organized buses to get people to Chicago to join in the marches there.

Unfortunately, I was in NYC attending a class all day so I couldn't go. On Sunday, I looked in vain to the NY Times for coverage of the marches. Yesterday, I heard the only real news coverage of this event on Bill Moyers.

Be sure not to miss the headline from the the NY Times' James Reston in the middle of the clip. "Everyone is a Loser." Reminds me of a shirt my friend used to wear in high school that said "Everything Sucks".


ButterPeanut said...

There's quite a bit of dissent coming out of Evangelical circles as well, but you really don't see THAT covered anywhere in all the megachurch hullaballoo.

the unbeatable kid said...

i'm not connected with evangelical community but i'm willing to take your word for it.

here's a decent article on the new religious direction from the Times.

it doesn't exactly describe dissent though. more like lack of support.