August 31, 2007

The Good News is Rock and Roll

Last weekend, Sarah and I went to the Caribbean Festival at the local community college. The first tent we came up to was a prayer tent. That's weird and not very Caribbean I thought. The next tent had people donating and picking up clothes. In the large, tent after that people were picking up free hamburgers. Then, another prayer tent.

Turns out we went to the I Love the Church of Whatever Festival across the street by mistake. You know what finally tipped me off? Rock music. To be more specific, Christian Rock Music.

The term Christian Rock has become redundant since rock ceased to be a part of popular music a long time ago. All new rock is Christian Rock. Leave it to churches to consistently remain at least 20 years behind the musical mainstream. I guess all popular musical styles from classical to folk to rock can expect a late boom in the Christian music scene. One of the days, we'll get to enjoy Chrisp Hop and Christian Indie.


ButterPeanut said...

Christian Indie totally already exists, dude. Our patron saint is Sufjan Stevens.

Nonetheless, I kind of agree.

Oh, and Chrisp Hop = genius!

Also, when I started reading your post I was like, "prayer tent.... caribbean..yes, of course, makes sense." But maybe you have to be from Toronto and sit next to some of the "oh praise Jesus" little old caribbean pentecostal ladies on the bus.

the unbeatable kid said...

Maybe, I should have written that it will be 20-30 years before there are entire radio stations spanning the country devoted to Christian Indie.

I was with the prayer tent too. I was really the free food that gave up the ghost. No non charitable festival makes you pay less than $4 for a hot dog.