August 20, 2007

As Above so Below

In my dream, it is night and I climb up the side of a long embankment the size of a mountain. I get to the top and look out over a lake greenish and deep like Crater Lake in Oregon. The only sources of light are thousands shimmering yellow and white stars. I walk out on a long perch over the lake and look cautiously over the edge to see large dark moving shapes in the water far below me. I feel small.

I can't get a sense of depth beneath the water so it's difficult to tell exactly how large the circling shapes are. As I look down, I turn my attention to the lake's rolling surface and notice small points shifting back and forth with the waves. I look closer and realize that the points are yellow and white flowers catching the dim light of the stars. Then, I see the reflection of the stars in the water too. The stars and the flowers are sometimes distinct and at other times blend and transform into one another. It kind of looks like this video I took of the reflection of Christmas lights off a canal in Delft.

I get the sense that I'm supposed to jump. Part of me is to scared and walks back off away from the edge but another part dives. As I fall towards the surface of the water, I see my reflection rising up at me from the depths. When I hit the water, I go under and my reflection jumps out.

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