July 20, 2007

What is Progress?

Denmark is planning on withdrawing all 480 of it's combat troops from Iraq in about a month. A few days ago, in preparation, they secretly evacuated the 200 or so Iraqis (and their families) that have been aiding the Danish military.

The removal of these citizens for their protection should make it pretty hard for the Bush administration to spin this move as a sign of further improvement in Iraq but I'm sure that's what he'll do if anyone dares to bring up the subject in his presence. Also, it makes clear how the one time "coalition of the willing" has evaporated with former significant members such as Spain, Italy, the Ukraine, and the Netherlands having already withdrawn completely. For those of you who are counting, that leaves just four countries with combat troops in Iraq (the US, the UK, Poland and Austrialia).

"We had the new reports from our intelligence that stated that these people would be executed and liquidated after the Danish troops had departed, and that was of course a threat that we could not live with, so we had to change our position,'' said Soeren Espersen, the party's foreign policy spokesman. '' That's a quote from the Guardian's article.

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