June 6, 2007

Caption Contest #2

OK, folks. Same as last time. Leave as many entries as you want and do what you want. In this image, you've got the candy name, the catch phrase, and the dog's speech bubble to work with. And anything else you want to add is fair game too.

I'll start 'er off

Candy Name: DOG BALLS!
Catch phrase: Just like no one used to make
Dog: I got mine!


Diggs said...

Candy Name: Chinese Death Balls
Catch Phrase: Import instant death for your dog
Dog: "God damn it!"

Anonymous said...

Candy Name: Cracker Ass Cracker Jacks
Catch Phrase: We put the "Cracker" in Cracker Ass Cracker Jacks
Dog: I can't get this nasty taste out of my mouth, and I've been licking my ass all day.

the unbeatable kid said...

Candy Name: Shore Leave Ruffies
Catch Phrase: Try one pretty lady
Dog: Put some sauce in it sailor!