February 13, 2007

Movie Franchises

After an evening's deliberation, I've decided that Toho's Godzilla gets my vote as the best movie franchise of all time. Harry Potter second. Oh, and the Toho's part is important since I choose not to include Tristar's bumbling remake.

Most people don't think of Godzilla when they think of movie franchises but consider this:
  • 28 movies
  • +50 years
  • 3 separate series of movies (Showa, Heisei, and Shinsei)
  • Unabated use of rubber suit technology in the face of CGI
  • UFO's and psychics consistently play supporting roles
  • Godzilla could either save the earth or destroy it or both
  • Godzilla fights like a 30 story pro wrestler.

Other people might go with one of those american hero franchises (Batman, Superman, Rocky, Spiderman, etc.) or Star Wars/Indiana Jones but to me they take themselves too seriously. Star Trek is real hit and miss. The Pink Pather is another fairly good set of movies but unfortunately it ended with Peter Sellers and also unfortunately more movies will come out (sorry Steve Martin).


Recon said...

Great post. My blog has got nothing on this. Now I will casually walk to the window, hands in pockets, gander outside, and slowly leap to my oblivion. powee.

Recon said...

Oh yeah, I saw this and thought of you: