February 23, 2007

Another Day at the Races

In case you couldn't tell, my earlier post about Dennis Kucinich was more about what his performance on Diane Reim's Show than him running for president. In the world of all seriousness, I've had it up to here with horse race media politics/media so far before the election that I could almost get a law degree by the time these people would take office. "Evidence?" I hear you intone. Here are some headlines I made up but can describe recent articles...

Some dude I've never heard of drops out of the race I hardly care about.

The opinions of most of these people are actually important in their current positions in congress but they're not really important unless they run for president.

This just in, Democrats want to win elections. Even one in the distant future.

Sadly, the list could just keep on going. What we really need are political trading cards complete with stats and goofy pictures. I'm holding on to my Obama rookie card.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the guy holding the George Allen rookie card. He looked to hold the golden ticket for conservatives. I wonder what the old mucaca is up to?

the unbeatable kid said...

ha. my guess george allan=kenny rogers.