November 21, 2007

Last Chance for CC#2

So. It's been awhile but I'm soliciting for more entries two Caption Contest #2. Rename this candy.

Here are the entries thus far:

Candy Name: Chinese Death Balls
Catch Phrase: Import instant death for your dog
Dog: "God damn it!"
-by Diggs
Candy Name: Cracker Ass Cracker Jacks
Catch Phrase: We put the "Cracker" in Cracker Ass Cracker Jacks
Dog: I can't get this nasty taste out of my mouth, and I've been licking my ass all day.
-by KD
Candy Name: Shore Leave Ruffies
Catch Phrase: Try one pretty lady
Dog: Put some sauce in it sailor!
-by theunbeatablekid
Candy Name: DOG BALLS!
Catch phrase: Just like no one used to make
Dog: I got mine!
-by theunbeatablekid


Vanessa said...

Candy Name: Cracker Jaxxx!
Catch Phrase: From ship to shore, ladies'll be begging for more!
Dog: Yeah, more guys who don't dress like they just got picked to star in Saturday Night Fever: Naval Disco!

Anonymous said...

Candy Name: Triple S (Sailor's S(C)ereal Salute)
Catch Phrase: Milk and Popcorn?
Dog: Toilet water please... woof woof

Recon said...

Candy Name: Lil' Orphan Candy
Catch Phrase: Just like M&M's....except not at all
Dog: Buy these or I bite the kid's balls