November 18, 2007

Bar Scandal

I just heard through the grapevine that my brother passed the bar. Here's the dance that I'm doing to congratulate him.

Speaking of the bar, check out this bar scandal in South Carolina.

In other legal news, comparative bullet lead analysis, an forensic method used for decades by the FBI to connect certain weapons with certain crime scenes, has been discredited by the National Academy of Scientists. Actually, a better term for "has been discredited" would be "was discredited three years ago." The FBI then stopped using the technique two years ago. So, what happens to all the people that were convicted of crimes based on forensics testimony of FBI agents that used this technique? If you care about potentially innocent people getting stuck in jail while the guilty walk free, you're probably not going to like the answer. Here's the Washington Post article on the many problems with comparative bullet lead analysis.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Neal!!!


Diggs said...

Thanks Vic and KD. I normally check the blog everyday but I was in Portugal over the weekend (one of the benefits of studying in London: EasyJet).

I did a similar dance on the Plane, as I found out in the cabin just before takeoff. Thanks again. And thanks for the post. See you in December!

Recon said...

Go Neal! Now it's time to fight crime one criminal scum at a time. I'm buying you a lucha libre mask for X-mas. That way you can bring some much needed flair to the law world. Congrats man!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did someone say Flair?