November 26, 2007

Train Wreck of Thought

It's back to the old grindstone after a cool refreshing Thanksgiving break.* My long weekend consisted primarily of taking the GRE on Tuesday, doing an emergency house call to a patient with some intense pain Tuesday evening, enjoying Thanksgiving with the girlfriends parents, and finally procrastinating all weekend.

You may have noticed that I took some time out from the blog too. My posts seem to be getting sparse lately. It's not because of a lack of things to write about that's for sure. Do you remember that movie that we had to watch in middle school about the kid who leaves the donut machine on and it fills his house with donuts? That image is an apt analogy for the brain portion of my body. Yes, filled to capacity with delicious thought donuts.

If anyone can find me the video for that movie which is imaginatively entitled "The Doughnuts", I'll Fed Ex you a Krispy Kreme.
*If by "grindstone" you mean the series of moderately pithy remarks that I call a blog and by "cool refreshing" you mean somewhat stressful and marked by long bouts of procrastination)

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