February 13, 2008

Divine Crushing Foot

The featured guest of this weeks installment of The Beauty of Football is one of my favorite players in the world, David Trezeguet. The clip also features some sparkling play from fellow Juventus teammates Alessandro Del Piero and Raffaele Palladino.

The play starts with some nice running down the right by Palladino who spots Trezeguet in the center but waits to draw in two defenders before passing. Pulling his own defender with him, Trezeguet makes a quick move toward the ball but then suddenly reverses direction, runs toward goal, and leaves the ball for Del Piero. The defender on Trez is completely fooled by this ploy. Del Piero, anticipating Trezeguet's run, lofts the ball with a single touch right in front of the sprinting striker. Trezeguet smashes home the volley with an impressive amount of force. That, my friends, is a well worked goal.

Livorno V. Juventus 1/27/08

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Diggs said...

Ah the old pick and roll. Just like Stockton and Malone