February 11, 2008

We Three Dreams

The other night was a red-letter day (or night) for dreams. I had three good ones in quick succession

Dream 1: It starts out with me working as a tech in a TV studio. The show is the Larry King show and Al Gore is the guest. So, I'm just standing around watching the monitors and the checking the audio. Gore is talking about his movie or something when he gets a weird confused look on his face. He's having trouble with some words and his movements are no longer very natural.

I suspect pretty quickly that Gore's having a stroke. I bring up this possibility to the producer and everyone else in the room but no one does anything more than shrugging. Larry King doesn't seem to notice that anything might be wrong either. A few seconds later, Gore collapses on the floor. Finally, some people rush into the room to care for him.

Then, as I'm leaving the studio after work, I'm completely surprised to Gore wandering around in the hall wearing an overcoat but no shirt. I ask him if he's ok and if anyone's taking care of him. He really should have been sent to a hospital. Gore says not to worry and that he’s fine he's clearly confused. In the elevator on the way out of the building, he has another stroke. I call 911 and try to keep him from dying until some paramedics show up.

Dream 2: I'm twelve years old and studying street crime and underground economies (a la one of my real life heroes, Sudhir Venkatesh). For some reason, the study entails me walking around taking notes and pictures of various criminal activities in a very sketchy neighborhood.

For some other reason, a riot breaks out. One of the local crime lords decides that he doesn't like me recording everything so he attempts to assassinate me by dumping buckets of baby snapping turtles into my apartment. The turtles come at me like little green bullets. In desperation, I abandon the house and run like a maniac down the middle of the road. The little biters merge into a dog-sized turtle that bounds after me.

In the end, a bit of quick thinking saves me. I realized that small animals can only combine like Voltron in dreams and since I'm dreaming I might as well stand and fight.

Dream 3: I can't remember the third dream. Interpolating from the first two, I would deduce that it involved marshmallows, dancing and a sonic boom.


Lisa said...

these are really, strangely, entertaining to read.

the unbeatable kid said...