February 19, 2008

Meet the Mets

VIA NY Daily News
So, baseball season is around the corner. I decided to post in light of my past history as a Mets fan. Typically, as a Met fan, you are bogged down in misery, always expecting the worst, and dreaming up new ways for the Mets to completely mess up everything. Well, I have a completely new attitude this year, and most of it has to do with our new GM. The Mets decided to end their strategy of overpaying players well past their prime, and decided to bring in talent that isn't running on fumes. Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez(see above), Carlos Delgado et al. Now with our latest edition, Johan Santana, the Mets are geared for an awesome season.

Following my tradition of making ridiculous predictions, here are a few UPDATED "You heard it here first folks!"
1. John Maine wins 21 games this year!
2. Oliver Perez will win at least 15 games
2. Ryan Church hits 25hr with 85+rbi (you def heard that here first - OH YEAH (I even hit my leg while typing that one in the library.))
3. Pedro Martinez will win 11 games
4. Carlos Beltran takes home the MVP
5. The Mets win the division, NLDS, NLCS, and the WORLD SERIES


Anonymous said...

Maine and Perez both won 15 last year, lets move that up to 18.... OH YEAH

Diggs said...

What I meant is that John Maine will win at least 15 games. In fact JOHN MAINE WINS 21 games this year! Heard it here first