February 22, 2008

Mr. 10 Percent

Via tribuneindia.com

So, the opposition parties won the latest parliamentary elections in Pakistan. With eyes toward restructuring the government into a fresh "democracy", the official/unofficial/something leader of the Pakistani Peoples Party is none other than Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, known to most Pakistanis (or at least my friends here in London) as "Mr. Ten Percent."

Now that sure is a bad ass nickname. And I congratulate him on obtaining such pimp status. But surely the PPP could have designated somebody else without such a colorful background. I know that the child prodigy Bilawal is set to take over, but the kid is 18 years old and plans to finish his studies at Oxford (I wonder how his education is financed).

So in the end, I guess after Bhutto's death and the recent win over the Musharraf regime, one should get the feeling of change in Pakistan. Change toward a transparent responsible government. A government not riddled with corruption. But with people the likes of Mr. 10% running the show, please do not hold your breath. Sorry Pakistan.

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