September 30, 2007

US Women Finish Third in World Cup '07

The US lost their semifinal match to a stunning Brazilian side. While it was great to see the level of play that the Brazilian woman brought to the game, it's difficult for those of us with some national pride to see the American woman slipping from their place at the top. Brazil seems to be putting more effort into developing their woman's team every year.

That first own goal really took the wind out of the US who haven't lost in their last 51 games but it was the left foot of Marta final finished them off with a solid shot into the lower right corner. From that moment on, the game was all Brazil and even though the US got blown out 4-0 it was still a better game than the final which Germany won. It's upsetting to think that the Germans and Brazilians might dominate the woman's game in the future.

Consolation finally came in the form of third place for the US team.


Diggs said...

Hopefully this loss marks the beginning of the end for womens sport all-together.... Save figure skating

the unbeatable kid said...

how about those mets?

Diggs said...

Thankfully London could care less about baseball. Otherwise I would have to confine myself to a 10x10 room with padded walls and no media access.

I'm trying to figure out Rugby rather than looking on ESPN to find out baseball updates.

the unbeatable kid said...

you can "jot" over to paris for the rugby world cup.