September 30, 2007

The Right Words from the Right Mouth

Having already wagged my proverbial finger at the dog pile of negative media coverage about Ahmadinejad's visit to New York, I would like to level some criticism his way. Well, not me exactly. I would like to highlight the condemnation of the Iranian president by actual legitimate sources. Who could be a more legitimate source on the subject of Iranian politics than the US media you ask. Why, Iranians of course.

You see, Tom Parker from the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times which includes excerpts from some prominent Iranian blogs. Iran has a thriving community of blogs by the way and they are more aware than anyone of the problems in their own government. Check out the op-ed; It's short.

My favorite quote is from the blog, Until the Polytechnic Students Are Released. It sums up my own feelings about this most recent word crusade/jihad pretty well.

"Last night, before the speech of my knowledgeable Ahmadinejad, I was so worried. O Lord, how are we going to be ridiculed now? How did we become who we are? The year of dialogue between civilizations seems so far away!"

Knowing that Iranians are looking at Ahmadinejad with the same sense of disbelief that I get when looking at Bush makes the world that much more sane.

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