January 3, 2008

Science Quiz

Hey, the scientist in me is not completely asleep. I fully expected not to pass this quiz but instead I did rather well.

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

I have to say that I think that the one physics question was a bit above 8th grade level in my opinion. I also don't remember studying so much earth science that early.

Try taking the test. It only takes a few minutes. Let me know how you do.

I've posed before about my misadventures in middle school science class and I don't want to misrepresent the extent to which I learned anything in 8th grade. As Kid Dammit has attested to in the comments, my ability to pass the aforementioned quiz has nothing to do with a year which mainly consisted of throwing paper clips and batteries and endurance contests between me and KD to see who could hold on to the leads of an electrical generator for longer while the other person frantically turned the power generating crank.


Vanessa said...

Well, I *am* a scientist and I did worse than you did (although I still got an A-, missing only two of those pesky earth science questions). Stupid comets and meteoroids. I'm lucky I had a geology class in high school. I don't remember having all that earth science in 8th grade either and I was in another state and on the other side of the country. I guess the curriculum has changed.

Kid Dammit said...

I thought all we did in eighth grade science class was shoot paper clips and throw batteries at each other. Oh yeah and hook ourselves up to the old timey generator.