October 8, 2007

Cat Health Update

Several enemas and a manual evacuation under general anesthesia later, my cat is doing fine. Special thanks to everyone at MSU's Small Animal Clinic.

(photo via Washington State University's Veterinary Image Database)


Lisa said...

manual evacuation, huh. poor kitty!

the unbeatable kid said...


Anonymous said...

Manual evacuation sounds hilarious.

"Emanuel, get out out while you still can!"
"I won't leave you!"
"Don't be a fool. Save yourself."

the unbeatable kid said...

Manuel Evaquacion = Elian Gonzoles 2

Anonymous said...

Or what about Emanuel Lewis? Huh Huh. Just released from the vault. Webster the lost episode.
"Oh shit, ma'am. You ain't nevah gone believe what I just done been through."