June 10, 2007

Now, He Will Kill Us All

Half of the clip is credits because it's part of the whole movie now on youtube. Here's the check list of goodies from the movie:

Self consciously over the top acting - CHECK
Ridiculous plot twists - CHECK
Nonsense science - CHECK
Smarmy dialog - CHECK
Slapstick - CHECK
Alien invasion - CHECK

I would posit that the tone and style of this particular movie, "Godzilla 2000" were purposely crafted to distance the franchise from the '98 American Godzilla film. The alien being that Godzilla fights earlier in the movie is somewhat symbolic of the conflict between American and Japanese culture and attempts at assimilation. I would further argue that throughout the movies aliens are generally an allegory for American culture while Godzilla represents an aspect of Japanese national pride.

So, it shouldn't be too surprising that, at the end of the movie, the scientists have given up on trying to eliminate Godzilla and just watch as he gets free run of the city and he'll inevitably destroy us all. Oh, well, I guess there's a little Godzilla in everyone.

I'm double posting this clip here and over at recon's just so ya know.

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