May 2, 2007

Tin Tin Quentin

Pulp Fiction is a fluke. It's the one movie in the overblown portfolio of Quentin Tarentino that I like. Normally, I try to refrain from being a hater but QT is such a petulant egomaniac that in this case I just can't help myself.

Why do I gotta knock the Q? After all, he's a decent director and has produced a series of almost watchable movies. My problems is that his stuff outside of Pulp Fiction is basically a mediocre reworking of older and better movies. All these other Hollywood jerks pretend that he is this brilliant and that his "homages" are in fact favors to old genres instead of exploitation.

I would watch any Shaw Brothers or Sonny Chiba film over the Kill Bills any day.
Black Belt Jones in all of its outstanding awfulness is a peg or two above Jackie Brown.

Quentin made a big deal of bringing Wang Kar Wai's "Chung King Express" (an awesome movie) to the states. If you get the US version, it starts with about 10 minutes of him explaining how great the movie is. He does a decent job but you know who does a better job of doing that? The G-D movie that he's putting on hold by talking about how great it is.

So here's the thing. I love the old genres that Tarintino mines to get his material. I love the fact that Sonny Chiba and Gordon Liu have some cool scenes in a big Hollywood flick. But, if someone just redid "Master of the Fatal Flying Guilotine" with respect to the original, he would be my hero.


Anonymous said...

hey man are you ok?

theunbeatablekid said...

yeah i'm good. sometimes, i just like to rant about something meaningless.