May 13, 2007

The Dutch Touch

As much as any other player, the Dutch striker, Dennis Bergkamp, used to beat defenders and score with pure skill. He made the most sublime control of the ball look easy and natural. I submit two of his most astonishing goals to "the beautiful game" series of posts.

If you've never tried before, you'll have to trust me that controlling a +60 yard pass with a single touch of an outstretched foot while leaping midair is not something that you just do and then coolly recover from and score.

An interesting fact about Bergkamp is that he had such an intense fear of flying that he couldn't compete in the 2002 World Cup. This earned him the nickname "the non-flying dutchman." Another nickname that he has is "the iceman" because he's ice cold under pressure and possibly because he looks a little like Val Kilmer.

The Dutch team really should have pulled a B. A. Baracus to get him over to Japan and Korea for the games. Here Dennis, enjoy a long drink from this cool refreshing glass of not the least bit drugged milk.

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